Implementing a Sound Waste Management Strategy Analytical Essay by Refalo29

Implementing a Sound Waste Management Strategy
An examination of the formation and implementation of sound waste management strategies to transform waste into a resource.
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This paper discusses the importance of a sound waste management strategy and identifies the main characteristics of a sound waste management strategy. The paper looks at the limitations of islands and small states in dealing with waste as a resource, and concludes that whilst a sound waste management strategy coud bring about a wide range of benefits, small states and islands are unable to implement an effective waste management strategy for several reasons that are related to their natural and economic status.

Why is Waste a Serious Problem, Particularly in Islands and Small States?
What are the Characteristics of a Sound Waste Management Strategy?
What are the Limitations of Islands and Small States in Dealing with Waste as a Resource?

From the Paper:

"Waste can be regarded as anything discarded by individuals, households, and private and public entities. The Basel Convention defines waste as 'substances or objects which are disposed of or are intended to be disposed of or are required to be disposed of by the provisions of the law'. Waste exists as: solid waste like plastics, bottles, cans, and papers; as liquid waste like chemicals, oils and waste water from manufacturing industries and as gaseous waste produced by for example, power stations. There are several types of wastes including toxic waste, domestic waste, hazardous waste, construction waste, agricultural waste, organic waste and human waste.
"Generally speaking, the accumulation of waste is a problem for any society if left unmonitored. However, for some countries, waste poses a bigger problem especially when one considers that these countries, mostly due to their small size and small economy, lack the necessary resources to tackle it. In this regard, the major problem that small states and islands face is of how to safely dispose of waste without compromising their sustainable development."

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