Impact of Social Networking on CRM Systems Analytical Essay by Nicky

An analysis of how customer relationship management (CRM) systems are being redefined by social networking.
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The paper evaluates how social networking is changing how customer relationship management (CRM) applications are designed, used and optimized so that ultimately trust can be created and sustained with customers. The paper clearly shows how Web 2.0 technologies are changing customer relationships and how social networking is bringing the voice of the customer louder and more clearly into companies than ever before.

Executive Summary
How Web 2.0 are Changing Customer Relationships
Designing CRM Systems for Web 2.0

From the Paper:

"The essence of any effective information system that is oriented towards serving customers is that it stays in step with how they want to learn, buy and use products (Greenberg, 2008). CRM systems have traditionally been a collection of technologies that are used for enabling greater levels of customer communication, collaboration, support and service. The building blocks of CRM have also been defined by Gartner Group, a research consultancy which focused on the enterprise software market. Figure 1, The Eight Building Blocks of CRM, illustrate the research firms' organization of the elements which comprise CRM systems (Johnson, 2004). This structure captures the need for executive support of CRM strategies at the CRM Vision level followed by the need for coordination of strategy execution.
"Starting with the CRM Vision at the top of the structure and progressing through the definition of strategies and their impact on the customer experience, this framework accurately communicates how CRM systems from an enterprise standpoint are organized and how they are coordinated to deliver customer experiences. The net effect of social networks on this hierarchy or structure of CRM systems has been to accelerate it."

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