Illegal Immigration: Amnestey versus Enforcement Analytical Essay by Nicky

Illegal Immigration: Amnestey versus Enforcement
A consideration of two current approaches to illegal immigration, which are amnesty as opposed to enforcement.
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This paper examines the polarized outlook of the American people on the issue of illegal immigration. The perspectives that are explored on this issue are that of advocating enforcement of currently existing immigration laws as opposed to tolerating and developing a path to citizenship for long-standing, hard working illegal immigrants. Various arguments are made for both approaches in the paper, with salient examples backing each claim. The paper also describes how the recent downturn in the US economy has affected illegal immigration, with many workers leaving in recent months because of a lack of employment prospects, not fear of enforcement of immigration policy. The paper concludes by implying that although amnesty is not the answer, there must be some way other than treating the desperate as criminals to acknowledge the necessary function they perform for the American economy.

From the Paper:

"Advocates for illegal immigrants argue that the jobs at which they labor are often so menial and poorly paid that no citizens are willing to fill these positions, like groundskeepers and dishwashers. They argue that these workers are in many ways embodying the true spirit of America--they are showing their willingness to do anything to make things better for their children, if not for their own immediate benefit. The 2006 'sick out' by all illegal workers was a potent reminder of the powerful role that illegal workers play in many aspects of the American economy, from restaurants to landscaping and the difficulty many industries run by American citizens would have in sustaining themselves, were there more stringent border policing and anti-illegal immigrant enforcement. Stricter rules about documentation in Arizona, for example, left many of the state's amusement parks and restaurants empty of the workers necessary to run the operations."

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