Hurricane Katrina and the Department of Homeland Security Analytical Essay by Nicky

A critical look at the government's response to Hurricane Katrina.
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This paper critically examines the role of the government prior to and following Hurricane Katrina, with a focus on the Department of Homeland Security. First, the paper describes the chaos immediately following the hurricane and the anger directed toward the government. In particular, the paper shows how the Department of Homeland Security had a weak response to this disaster, suggesting that it find better methods of keeping US citizens safe. This is discussed in light of the massive amount of tax dollars used to fund this new department. The paper concludes by stating that the Department of Homeland Security should work to ensure that people understand how much good it is doing and the seriousness of the task that it faces.

From the Paper:

"In Mississippi and in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina there were also many people who had evacuated the area and did not know if their loved ones and/or their possessions had survived the storm. It seemed as though the government made no effort to ensure that these people were able to contact those that they cared about, or were at least given word as to whether those people survived. Certainly the Department of Homeland Security could not have known everything about every person, but the lack of communication coupled with the lack of food and supplies really made people seriously question whether the government was even paying attention when Katrina came through. There was a lot of anger at a government that many people were already slightly suspicious of."

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