Hume on Religion Analytical Essay by Shaad

Hume on Religion
This paper examines Hume's refutation of the "argument from design" and his notion that the existence of God is purely a matter of faith.
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Published by on Jan 13, 2011 in Philosophy (Religion) , Philosophy (Epistemology) , Religion and Theology (General)

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In this article, the writer examines Hume's views on religion with specific reference to the notion that the existence of God may be proved. With reference to the essay "Of a Particular Providence and of a Future State", the essay shows how Hume refutes the "argument from design". The writer shows how the conclusion that God's existence has been proved leads to paradoxes, specifically in relation to "cause and effect" and providence, leading Hume to conclude that the existence of God is purely a matter of faith. The writer also shows how Hume's epistemology is also based on faith, and therefore his version of empirical skepticism is properly called "mitigated skepticism". Finally, the writer shows how Hume's agnosticism is consistent with his statements regarding religion.

From the Paper:

"In this sense any thing that is at first thought to be a miracle must be properly termed 'a new experience' only. In his philosophy of empirical skepticism Hume points out that we cannot declare anything to be a physical law, because any such law can only describe past experience, and the unexpected may always take place. But the unexpected still takes place according to natural law, and it is illogical to believe that the latter can be transgressed.
"Hume's arguments are not against faith, but against dogmatism in the name of faith. Faith indeed is the underpinning of all Hume's philosophy, though not in the theological sense."

Sample of Sources Used:

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