Human Impact on Global Warming Analytical Essay by Jammie

Human Impact on Global Warming
A look at the multifaceted evidence for the existence of global climate change and the human race's ability to affect our environment.
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This paper examines how the issue of global warming is a sore spot for many people in the United States as well as the rest of the world and how the core issue being debated about global warming is whether or not the actions of humans on the planet are affecting the earth's climate. The paper discusses whether it is possible for actions of the human race to affect life on a global scale and how the vast majority of the credible research points to yes. It concludes that the available research shows a positive correlation between significant changes in temperature and weather occurring alongside an increase of industrial activity.

From the Paper:

"Global warming is an important issue that deserves attention because change to the environment is happening quicker than life on the planet can adapt. Species are becoming extinct at a rapid rate in areas most affected by climate change such as along the earth's equator. The equator is already warm, and an increase of even a few degrees can wreak havoc on an ecosystem. For instance, the average temperature difference between now and the last ice age is only nine degrees Fahrenheit. Amphibians in particular are estimated to be disappearing at a rate never before seen with 165 species lost in the last ten years and an estimated thirty percent of the world's frogs currently on the threatened species list. (Gowdy 27-36) Also, with global temperatures rising, large ice deposits in areas such as Antarctica and Greenland are melting. This newly thawed fresh water changes the salinity of the oceans, which also affects the creatures living there. On a more global note, the freshly melted water changes the temperature of the world's oceans, which changes the convection and conduction currents that cause the jet stream and therefore the world's weather. "

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