Hook, Book, Look, Took: "Book of John" 3:19-21 Analytical Essay

Hook, Book, Look, Took: "Book of John" 3:19-21
An explanation of how the "Book of John" 3:19-21 teaches us that it is better to be in the light rather than to hide in the dark.
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This paper examines the "Book of John" 3:19-21 and tells us that the primary thing to take away from reading it is the idea that our sins follow us, no matter how brightly they are illuminated.

From the Paper:

''When was the last time you did something bad? Something you regretted, or wished that you had not ever done in the first place? Even worse, what if you did something you personally do not regret, but hope no one ever finds out? How does this make you feel? Shameful? Guilty? Paranoid?
''These are all feelings that someone who has committed sin has experienced at some point or another. Whether it is stealing a pack of gum or cheating on your spouse, a sin is a sin, and it can cause fairly intense feelings within us. These feelings are dealt with differently depending on the person; some people choose to confess, own up to what they did, and do their best not to do it again by exposing this truth to light. However, there are those who choose to hide that cruel fact away in the dark, hoping that no one sees what they do.''

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