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HIV/AIDS and Adolescents
An examination of the psychological theories explaining HIV/AIDS in adolescents.
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The paper discusses how according to Freud, in adolescence, the child is consistently struggling with the "genital phase", as well as just beginning to find a "balance between the ego and the id" ("Developmental", 2007, sec. 2). The paper explains how this creates conflict between the id and the superego because the id desires gratification of sexual impulses, while the superego fights for morals and values to be followed ("Developmental". 2007, sec. 2). The paper discusses how Erickson, on the other hand, believed that there was "stress" during adolescence, but that the stress existed because of a battle within the individual between identity and role confusion ("Developmental", 2007, sec. 3). Yet, the paper looks at how Piaget suggested that throughout the course of childhood the individual had to progress successfully through developmental stages ("Developmental"", 2007, sec. 4), and the child was incapable of progressing successfully through each of these childhood stages, then by the time that the individual reached adolescence Piaget concluded that there would be issues with the formation of identity that would create social and personal problems for the adolescent ("Developmental", 2007, sec. 4).

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