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Compares the benefits and disadvantages in the area of health informatics in health care, especially regarding nursing.
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This paper explains that the term informatics refers to the management and processing of data and knowledge in a particular discipline such as nursing. The paper then points out that informatics interact with every organizational structure and practice so that, ideally, organization, training, development of innovative approaches, and other tasks become very efficient. The paper also explains that informatics in health care must respond to specific needs and to the various costs and challenges associated with consumer-directed plans. In addition, the paper contendss that effective informatics depends on careful choice and implementation of information systems so that they are correlated with the needs of the organization and of all staff members.

Table of Contents:
Overview: Impacts of Informatics in Health Care
Current State of Informatics in Health Care
Relevance to Nursing
Personal View
Recommendations for Future Directions and Strategies

From the Paper:

"The capabilities of informatics are extensive and soon will be greatly expanded. Information processing is continually becoming more rapid and will be enhanced since innovations are being developed. For instance, many schools of nursing currently make use of the Internet for distance learning programs, teleconferencing classes, or online courses. The practice of nursing will inevitably be transformed as a result of wireless technology.
"The most basic or crucial point related to informatics is that technology and systems can never determine outcomes."

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