Gun Crimes in the U.K. Analytical Essay by michaelbourt

Gun Crimes in the U.K.
Investigates to what degree gun crimes are a problem in the U.K.
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This paper relates that, although a gun culture in Britain lags far behind other countries, especially the United States, there has been a steady and disturbing increase in gun related crimes. Next, the author uses British government statistics and external academic studies to support this claim; however, the author warns that one must be careful not to exaggerate this increase as inadvertently has been done by the media. The paper stresses that gun crimes in Britain are mostly confined to geographical areas and demographic groups that display societal dysfunctions and problems, which lead to gun crimes.

From the Paper:

"Alternately, powder pattern deposits approach the question of evidence gathering from a different perspective and as a consequence allows for different benefits to be derived. The firing of a gun results in various powder deposits leaving the gun itself. As such, if a gun is fired at a target that lies in close proximity then the powders that are omitted can land on the target itself. The powders themselves can consist of one or all of a variety of different substances including nitrate, lead and gunpowder and may be burned or unburned."

Sample of Sources Used:

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