Greek Art Analytical Essay by Paramount

Greek Art
An analysis of the ancient era of Greek art, focusing on sculptures and paintings.
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Published on Feb 02, 2003 in Art (History) , History (Greek and Roman) , Art (Painting)

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This paper briefly examines the history of ancient Greek art. It focuses on several periods - Archaic Period, Early Classical Period, Golden Age, Late Classical Period and Hellenistic Period. Different types of art forms are discussed and examined how they developed during these periods. The influence of other cultures on Greek art is also analyzed, namely Middle Eastern and Egyptian.
I. Introduction
A. History
B. Cultural influence
II. Archaic Period (600-480 B.C.)
A. Egyptian influence
B. Middle Eastern influence
III. Early Classical Period (480-450 B.C.)
A. New humanism led to balanced human form
B. Marble and bronze figurines
IV. Golden Age (450-400 B.C.)
A. Temples of the Athenian acropolis
B. Parthenon sculptures
V. Late Classical Period (400-300 B.C.
A. Expression of emotion
B. Individualization and three-dimensional movement
VI. Hellenistic Period (323-31 B.C.)
A. Nike and Aphrodite
B. Terra-cotta figurines
VII. Conclusion
A. Importance of masterpiece copies
B. Influence of Greek culture

From the Paper:

"The earlier great cultures of Egypt and the Near East were making art long before the Greeks and much of the early Greek art looks Egyptian, with its stiff and profiled poses and boxy geometric designs. Moreover, the Greeks borrowed the ideas, motifs, conventions, and skills from these earlier civilizations (Tansy 1996). However, it was the Greeks who made the leap into naturalism and in their representations of the human body created an ideal of perfectly balanced proportions that has never been improved upon. Although, we often speak of Greek and Roman in the same breath, the greatest accomplishments of Greek art were five centuries old by the time the Romans began to copy them. "

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