Good versus Evil in the Bible Analytical Essay by bunnies

Good versus Evil in the Bible
An examination of the theme of good versus evil in the Bible, focusing on the battles of Horus versus Seth and God versus Lucifer.
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This paper follows the course of a legendary myth: "The Feud Between Horus and Seth". The writer examines this myth and finds the parallels to Christianity. It points out that even those who do not practice as Christians are well aware of the Bible's teaching of Lucifer, commonly known as the Devil, and God, a perfect example of good versus evil. The paper begins by reliving the myth of Horus and Seth, followed by the Biblical tale of the fall of Lucifer and the casting to Hell. It then looks at the aspects of these stories and explores commonalities that have transcended time and place to depict this constant struggle for one's very soul.

From the Paper:

"There is no rebuke that religion has played at the forefront of the Earth's Religions over time. These Religions or belief systems have ranged in iconology and practice but common threads are clear and concise. Most notably is the idea of "Dualism". Merriam Webster defines Dualism as a "doctrine that the universe is under the dominion of two opposing principles one of which is good and the other evil." With this definition we can further elaborate of the meaning of the concept as an intricate balance, here of good vs. evil. This theme may be as widespread as civilizations needed to classify their residents and at the same time teach them the difference between good and evil. Egyptians used Mythology to educate their society on behavior and religion. Myths are based on rivalry or struggle of the Myths characters."

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