Globalization Online: Economies, Industry, Internet Analytical Essay by TrailofAs

Globalization Online: Economies, Industry, Internet
The paper examines the effects of the Internet and the World Wide Web on globalization.
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In recent years, globalization has become the subject of fervent debate. The rapid growth of the World Wide Web has only accelerated the fire of debate. Inexpensive and efficient, the Internet is a means of communication across borders. It has opened the door for an expanding e-commerce, bringing together buyers and sellers from many markets, unimaginable to people 20 years ago. The author of the paper examines the positive and negative benefits of the internet on each side of the globalization argument for growth among both economies and industries.

From the Paper:

"Many consumers believe the internet is responsible for globalizing undesirable industries. The pornography industry has become big business since the introduction of the World Wide Web, allowing it to become widely distributed on a global scale. It has grown from $17 billion into a $58 billion dollar business flush with profits, growth potential, and increasing public tolerance. (van de Donk, 176) There are many legal issues involved with e-commerce. Although these adult websites are legal in the United States, this is not the case in Saudi Arabia. (Mann, 113) The drug industry has also found online sales as a way to reach mass markets relatively cheap. In the United States, illegal drug dealers have turned their attention to prescription drugs, sold online anonymously, manufacturing pills in offshore factories with zero attention to standards set by most developed nations where the majority of their customers reside. (Kraemer, 249-250) The high rates at which these operations grow under thin legal veils have brought about a "resurgence of illegal legal drug use" (van de Donk, 169). China so far is the only country to fight back against undesirable industry, creating the "Great Firewall of China" to filter the internet content viewed by citizens."

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