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Global Peace Movement
An analysis of the origin, development and context of the global peace movement.
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This paper provides an introduction to and history of the concept of the peace movement. The paper discusses the effects of globalization and terrorism on peace and looks at early US peace movements and early international organizations for preserving peace. The paper then turns to the birth of the UN and the new technologies that changed the meaning of war and the forms of fighting against war. The paper also examines the views on the "war against terror" in the literature and finally, focuses on international relations after the invasion of Iraq.

Introduction and History of the Concept of Peace Movement
Globalization and Terrorism Effects on the Movements of Peace
Introduction in the US Peace Movements and International Organizations for Preserving Peace in the early 1900s
The Birth of the UN and New Technologies...
International Relations after the Invasion of Iraq

From the Paper:

"Philosophers and religious leaders of all times tried to propagate their beliefs involving the central role peace plays for humanity. They were joined in their efforts by political and business leaders in modern times. The history of mankind is though populated by wars making the ideal of global peace something that is still left for the future. Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire are among the first to acknowledge the importance of peace, in a primitive form or another. Some Greek city states from antiquity recognized the priority of not going to war against each other over the gains from taking the power over another neighbor state; the pax Romana that lasted over two centuries gave the Roman Empire the best means of taking advantage of the opportunities to conquer new vast territories and to gain hegemony. These were the incipient phases of acknowledging the role peace plaid in the internal interests of a state."

Sample of Sources Used:

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