From Dinosaurs to Birds Analytical Essay by Nicky

From Dinosaurs to Birds
Looks at how birds evolved from their dinosaur ancestors.
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Published on Oct 11, 2011 in Biology (Zoology)

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This paper traces the history of the evolutionary studies, which have concluded that birds evolved from dinosaurs, and reviews alternative theories of the origin of birds. Next, the author presents the evolution of feathers and flight, the physiology and skeletal similarity of dinosaurs and bird and the molecular evidence of the dinosaurian origins of birds. The paper concludes that most paleontologists agree that birds have descended from the coelurosaurs line of dinosaurs, which had features that were remarkably similar to birds; however, there remains debate over the origin and purpose of the evolution of feathers since feathers also have been found in many non-avian dinosaurs

Table of Contents:
Brief History of Dinosaurs
Source of the Dinosaurian Origin of Bird's Theory
Alternative Theories of Bird Origin
Evolution of Feathers and Flight
Dinosaur and Bird Physiology
Skeletal Similarities between Dinosaurs and Birds
Molecular Evidence of Dinosaurian Origins

From the Paper:

"All modern-day birds are endothermic and scientists have reasoned that their immediate coelurosaurian ancestors might have been endothermic as well. However, enough evidence has been gathered to prove that some of the dinosaurs were, in fact, ectothermic. Nevertheless, some dinosaurian features do suggest that some of the dinosaurs were endotherms. These features include an upright posture and locomotion as evidenced from trackways, body size and length of specific body parts, and soft-part anatomy like organs and feathers. An upright posture is normally associated with increased mobility and activity which in turn is related to food requirements and metabolism."

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