From Biology to Foraging: An Examination Analytical Essay by Top Papers

From Biology to Foraging: An Examination
A look at the beginnings of agriculture.
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Published on Dec 01, 2009 in Biology (General) , Agricultural Studies (General)

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The paper looks at how Bruce Smith (1998) suggests that agriculture began in a small community called Jericho deep in the heart of Jordan. The paper reveals that more than ten thousand years ago, this small village managed to generate and sustain new and reliable food sources that could be cultivated and domesticated by the villagers. The apper explains that these new sources could be stored against future need and ultimately encouraged a level of population growth that became significant to the development of human society; the creation of new agricultural economies allowed people to live in an area permanently and in greater numbers. The paper notes how in his investigation of origins, Smith draws our attention to Nikolai Vavilov and the biological approach where he suggests that many insights we have about the beginnings of agriculture can be divined through research on current, living organisms.

From the Paper:

"Vavilov suggests that by locating the centre of a particular crop's genetic diversity, one could ultimately pinpoint the origin of that crop, and then subsequently determine a timeline that pertained to the evolution of agriculture. Through his research, he identified seven regions as the world's major centers for the origins of cultivated plants (Smith, 6, 1998). Yet this theory is dated and has since been labelled with a specific flaw, namely that domestics can and often do develop much of their diversity in another region, primarily because that plant is then subjected to a different set of environmental challenges that force it to adapt and ultimately change in some capacity (Smith, 6, 1998). However, Vavilov's work has proved to be only the beginning of further research on the biological evidence of agricultural evolution: Vavilov forcefully put forward identification of the centers of origin of the world's crop plants as a goal of biological and genetic research on domesticated plants (Crow, 2001, par. 7)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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