Forced Adoption and its Effects Analytical Essay

Forced Adoption and its Effects
An analysis of the topic of forced adoption, focusing on its origins and far-reaching effects.
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This paper provides detailed information about how forced adoption began, how it has evolved, and its worldwide effects. The paper asks and attempts to answer - how do we reform adoption and why is it important? The paper explains that forced adoption or involuntary relinquishment has happened in this country and around the world for many years, usually because society's rules impart shame or forbid the mother to raise the child. The paper discusses the changing roles of courtship, contraception, religion, teenage independence, and the stigma of unwed parenthood in the incidence of forced adoption. The paper asserts that forced adoption, or involuntary relinquishment, must mandate a program in which families can be assured of the steps to take, or the processes that will be happening to them so they may defend themselves and their children. Without this mandate, the paper concludes, families will continue to lose the battle of unfair justice and suffer for the rest of their lives.

From the Paper:

"Many of these mothers were never told about government programs nor were they advised about child support. They did not receive psychological counseling or legal advice. They were not directed to read surrender documents nor asked if they understood them. These mothers never spoke to a lawyer. Instead, they signed legal papers drafted by adoption agency attorneys. Many mothers now question the ethics of this arrangement and raise issues of signing under duress, lack of informed consent, and conflicts of interest (Wilson Buterbaugh, Karen)."

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