Flaws in the "Communist Manifesto" Analytical Essay by Nicky

Flaws in the "Communist Manifesto"
An overview of the "Communist Manifesto" and the limitations in Marx' and Engels' philosophy.
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Published on Sep 07, 2011 in Political Science (Marx / Engels)

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The paper outlines how Marx and Engels describe our modern industrial society through the proletariat and bourgeoisie and how they reach the conclusion that capitalism is inherently unstable. The paper goes on to show how in the 150 years since the Communist Manifesto was published, Marx' and Engel's ideas have proven to be empty, with many of their prophecies disproven by actual history.

From the Paper:

"Marx and Engels describe our modern industrial society as one of class conflict between the wealthy and the working class. They say that the production capability of capitalism is going to cease to be harmonious with the exploitive relationship between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The working class will revolt but it will be a different kind of revolution. Other revolutions simply meant more property to the ruling class. But members of the proletariat can't appropriate property. So when they obtain control through the revolt, they will do away with all private ownership of property, and the classes will disappear."

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