Fire in the Built Environment Analytical Essay by orise

Analyzes the cause of fires in selected buildings in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Russia and makes recommendations for improved safety.
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This paper explains that buildings in Stockholm, Vladivostok and London suffered fires of different magnitudes causing different levels of damage. The building in Russia had the most fatalities because its fire protection system was the poorest and many fire protection regulations had been ignored in the design of the building; however, the author contrasts, the Stockholm building did not have any fatality because the students and staff were easily evacuated, but poor architectural design made the fire grow and spread easily. The paper points out that the London building, which was the least affected, demonstrates the importance of renovating buildings to meet all the fire safety regulations.

Table of Contents:
Stockholm Sweden
Fire Safety Analysis
Opinion on Lessons Learnt
Vladivostok, Russia
Fire Safety Analysis
Opinion on Lessons Learnt
London UK
Fire Safety Analysis
Opinion on Lessons Learnt

From the Paper:

"Clear pathways to the doors of exit should also be outlined. According to the relevant laws the maximum distance to the fire exits should be observed. There should be refuge areas such as terraces so that people can be allowed to congregate there if they are required to get out of the building in phases. The building should be renovated with smoke detection signals being put in place. Automatic fire alarms like heat and smoke detectors are important on this high rise building. This is because it is an office building and therefore may be having low occupancy at certain times. Other things to be fitted in the building include Fire doors, Smoke exhaust systems, exit signs, emergency lighting, fire hose reels, and fire hydrants. All these are very important in fire control and evacuation activities.
"Since the building is a high rise one, it should have fire extinguishers being checked regularly. The building being a high rise structure can be hard to access and evacuate people. As a result there should be installed automatic sprinkler systems.
"Fire drills for the occupants of the building should be conducted regularly. This can help to prevent panic among those in the building at the time of the fire. Through regular fire drills people are familiarized about the methods of evacuation and the immediate reactions they can take when the fire starts."

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