Fichte's Conception of Duty Analytical Essay by Shaad

Fichte's Conception of Duty
An explanation of Fichte's particular refutation of Kant and his formulations of the ego, will and conscience.
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This paper analyzes Fichte's concept of duty while explaining that Fichte's ideas are derived from Kant. The paper discusses how Fichte does not accept transcendental idealism, his effort is to locate reality in the here and now. For this reason, as the paper goes on to explain, he proposes that the ego posits its own existence. The difference is that, whereas Kant arrives at a theoretical construct of duty, Fichte lays stress on the conscience. The paper goes on to elaborate on this crucial difference, and it goes on to argue that Fichte is an improvement on Kant because morality is described here as a practice rather than merely a theoretical framework. The paper then goes on to highlight the dangers involved in such thinking, and explains how Fichte's philosophy has given rise to German idealism, Marxism and German nationalism. It also examines the strong atheistic strain in such thinking.

From the Paper:

"The principal contention of Kant is that there is an unsurpassable barrier between the noumenal and the phenomenal worlds. The noumenal world is where we find the things-in-themselves, and this is the only real world. The phenomenal world involves only appearances that assist in understanding, but cannot deliver resolution. The resolution is supposed to take place in the noumenal plane, and the agent is "pure reason". Fichte's only criticism of Kant is that he does not explain the individuality of the observer. The epistemology delivers a deterministic framework, he contends. He explains understanding, knowledge and morality, but if the same mechanisms apply to all then there is no scope for individuality. Fichte intends to devise a scheme were the Ego overrides all epistemological concerns and stands before it. "

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