Femininity as Reflected in the Media Analytical Essay by Nicky

Femininity as Reflected in the Media
An in-depth examination of the exploitation of feminine sexuality in today's media.
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The paper analyzes several print ads and the prominent female-driven television show, "Sex in the City", and explores the singularity of the female image and roles projected in modern media. The paper illustrates how the media perpetuates the notion of women as generally being thin, shapely, sexually immodest and reflective of tangible standards of beauty and lifestyle. The paper promotes the argument that women are held to unrealistic standards of beauty which are designed to fulfill male sexual ambitions.


From the Paper:

"The use of femininity as a means to selling consumer products has been in practice for centuries. From artful pinups of beautiful women in flowing gowns used to sell theatre tickets and spirituous beverages in early printing history to centerfold spreads selling anything from bourbon to nylon panty shields in today's fashion and culture magazines, images of femininity have been exacted to serve consumer purposes throughout the history of advertising. This is a condition with direct implications to the way that women are perceived by society, with the images projected in media, entertaining and advertising often promoting unrealistic and rigid standards of female beauty, female sexuality and femininity altogether. The ultimate outcome is the realization that femininity as seen in media bears a reciprocal relationship with the way that women are seen and treated in society. By considering several print ads and a very prominent female television program that apply specific ideas of femininity to their respective product interests, we can see that while the opportunity to examine femininity honestly has improved, there is yet an even greater opportunity in today's unregulated media context to exploit feminine sexuality in increasingly destructive ways which enforce rigid body image parameters and a stark, counter-intellectual materialism."

Sample of Sources Used:

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