Female Sexual Dysfunction Analytical Essay by lethe

Female Sexual Dysfunction
A discussion on female sexual dysfunction and its causes.
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This paper takes a look at female sexual dysfunction and some of the several causes that attribute to it. The author provides a brief overview on early references made on female sexuality in medical writing and discusses diagnostic methods. The paper also discusses psychotherapy as a treatment method and the church's take on female sexual dysfunction.

A Brief Overview
Why is there Dysfunction?
When Did This Begin?
How Can We Know the Dysfunction Exists?
What Happens When it's Treated?
Where Else Can Help Be Found?

From the Paper:

"While Female Sexual Dysfunction is not a rare problem, it is difficult to treat due to the fact that patients often feel uncomfortable talking with their physicians about it. Often, too, there is more than one cause and the different causes may require different treatments. Psychotherapy is not the only treatment available today. While it has been the policy of the church, in the past, to lead women to believe what should be normal sexual desire is instead perverse or bad, that attitude is slowly changing and the church is helping women build a better self-image."

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