Federalism: History and Theory Analytical Essay by Nicky

Traces the ongoing debate about centralized government in the US.
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This paper gives an historical background to the ongoing issue of federalism in the United States, which involves the question of state versus centralized government. First, the outlooks of several Founding Fathers known as the Federalists are presented. These include Hamilton, Washington, Adams and Marshal. Next, the views of the opponents of Federalism, such as Jefferson and Madison are also given.The paper then describes how the constitution and the government implemented various federalist ideals until the late 1920's. Starting with the 1930s, the form of federalism changed into that of a cooperative federalism. This continues to be used to promote national interests such welfare, environment and education. The paper concludes by showing how a strong centralized government and strong state government are both necessary for specific issues.

From the Paper:

"Historical events determined the lines between the layers of government to be in constant move. International and domestic events made the federalist form of government of the US to act like a live entity that will always have to adapt its processes of development to external factors. Two World Wars, depression periods, globalization, terrorist attacks, the invasion of Iraq and more recently, the collapse of the housing market were making the delegated powers of the federal government subject to constant change in order to adapt and guarantee it its role of representing the nation's interests above all."

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