Explosives in our Society Analytical Essay

Explosives in our Society
A discussion on explosives in the civilian world.
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"Since the dawn of civilization, war mongers have continually asked one question - how can I kill more people with less effort? "The bow and arrow once was the pinnacle of weapons technology. It was used by Genghis Khan to forge an empire that stretched across Asia, from the wintry woods of Ukraine to the Eastern shores of Korea." (Iron Man) Soon after, the age of siege weapons was ushered in with the popularity of trebuchets and catapults. Cannons quickly became popular after the discovery of gunpowder, crowned by the Great Bombards of Turkey. For the past hundred and fifty years, explosives have promised to be the next weapon to create maximum casualties with minimum effort. From the ever-popular C4 plastic explosive, commonly used as a sabotage charge, to the Russian Federation's Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power - ATBIP - the most powerful conventional explosive on Earth (News), explosives are nearly ubiquitous in war. However, explosives are no longer the weapons of commandos and spies. In modern times, explosives have become more closely associated with terrorists and criminals, rather than the military. Many military-grade explosives are capable of being synthesized using off-the-shelf chemicals and little specialized equipment.
"Explosives were first used in warfare by the Chinese (Helmenstine), and arguably by the Athenians in Ancient Greece (Partington), but did not gain worldwide attention until the 1800s with the invention of Nitroglycerin. Over the next 50 years, nitroglycerin-based dynamite was the most popular military explosive, until the advent of trinitrotoluene, or TNT (Trinitrotoluene). In World War I, TNT was first used in artillery shells, slowly progressing to being the most popular demolition charge for the next two decades (Explosive). Shortly before World War Two, Research Department Explosive, or RDX, was invented, and became the go-to explosive for all military uses (Headquarters). RDX is still a popular explosive for demolition companies and militaries when mixed with a plasticizer to become the ubiquitous pale green explosive known as C4."

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