Explaining Teen Pregnancy in Houston Analytical Essay by scribbler

Explaining Teen Pregnancy in Houston
An examination of the factors behind the extraordinary rates of teen pregnancy in Houston.
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Published on May 01, 2013 in Child, Youth Issues (Teen, Adult Issues) , Sociology (General)

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The paper explores the psychological, social and cultural factors that contribute to teen pregnancy in Houston and argues that parents and Houston residents must not rely upon social organizations and schools to turn these negative social impacts around. The paper addresses the myths associated with teen pregnancy: that it is the opportunity to remain in the U.S. with a citizen-born child; it is the fast-track to adulthood with support through community programs; or that the responsibilities of a child and adulthood can be easily dealt with or coped with as a teenager, and argues that parents must be proactive in dispelling these false beliefs.

Social and Psychological Contributing Factors to Teen Pregnancy in Houston

From the Paper:

"First, we must look at the Houston, Texas geography. Houston is on the Gulf of Mexico, and ostensibly is the point of entry for illegal immigrants entering the state. Also, the Rio Grande River, west and southwest of Houston, is also a known entry point for illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico into the United States. Almost half of the U.S. Latino population (defined as a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race), live in California and Texas (Tortolero, 2010). Approximately nine million Latinos live in Texas, and more than one-third are under the age of eighteen (Tortolero, 2010). Of the 4.3 million babies born in the United in 2008, an estimated 340,000 were born to illegal immigrants (Passel and Taylor, 2010). Without the specific numbers, and because we know that Houston, Texas boasts both a large Latino population and has the third largest rate of teen pregnancy in the nation; we can conclude that a large number of the illegal immigrants in Houston became teen parents in 2008.
"One of the reasons for this is the myth about "anchor babies (Passel and Taylor, 2010)." That is the mistaken belief amongst illegal Latino immigrants that having a child in the United States means that child will be a U.S. citizen; and that the mother of the child will be able to avoid deportation as an illegal entrant because she has a baby."

Sample of Sources Used:

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