"Europe for the Europeans" Analytical Essay

"Europe for the Europeans"
Looks at the problem of immigration in western and northern European countries, which has led to the banner, "Europe for the Europeans".
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This paper explains that the growth of the European Union, the elimination of border control and visa free travel have created an immigration problem in western and northern European counties, resulting in a variety of measures to control and limit this influx of immigrants. Next, the author reviews newspaper sources from Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Austria, and the concern of the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe about the quickly spreading extremism in Sweden and the Netherlands. The paper relates that this intensification of an assertion of national identity and the growth of far-right anti-immigration parties are leading to a "Europe for the Europeans" only social environment.

From the Paper:

"In a recent article published in "The Telegraph," according to researchers, white British people are expected to become a minority in their own country. Over the next 50 years, they will decrease to less than half of the overall population. Professor David Coleman from Oxford University is predicting the same outcome. He thinks Britons would still be outnumbered, sooner or later, even if the proposed immigration cap on non-EU workers cuts net immigration in half. This leads to the conclusion that the projected statistics are a result of Britain's multi-national identity and religious understanding toward ethic groups, such as Muslims."

Sample of Sources Used:

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