Ethical Philosophy in Sophocles "Antigone" Analytical Essay by Master Researcher

Ethical Philosophy in Sophocles "Antigone"
A discussion on ethical philosophies relating to Sophocles' play "Antigone".
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The paper focuses on the play "Antigone" and discusses how the plot concentrates on a collision of defective personal judgment with a fate that leads to human loss and disaster. The paper
considers Hegel's philosophy on ethical relationships between brothers and sisters and analyzes Antigone's ethical act of burying her brother.

From the Paper:

"The basic question being asked within the plays is the question of the conflict between law: God and men. The Greek society was at the time of Sophocles undergoing moral destruction. People were becoming more and more laid back and the laws were being twisted to save themselves. Thus, in order to make people aware of this moral deterioration Sophocoles wrote his Theban plays. With a focus on Antigone, the reader realizes that arrogance and sin will be their downfall. Oedipus the King, expounds on the idea of arrogance-that of Oedipus. In Antigone, the arrogance of Creon is revealed. In Antigone, there is a conflict between man and God's judgment. Though Creon, the king of Thebes, renders judgment on Antigone because she violates the state's law against burying her brother, God's justice proves to be much more powerful when Creon backs down at the end of the play and admits that his law is unjust.
"When we consider the writings of Sophocoles we come to realize that the plays that he has written are basically about society and the people that live within it. Sophocoles has written about the human condition and the creation of certain roles within the society that has effected the role of the people within it. (Harvey, 1937)"

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