Eric Schlosser's "Fast Food Nation" Analytical Essay by BrainC

Eric Schlosser's "Fast Food Nation"
Summary and review of Eric Schlosser's best-seller, "Fast Food Nation".
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This paper summarizes the main points of Eric Schlosser's book on the eating habits of many Americans. The paper reports on Schlosser's depiction of the french fry as ubiquitous in the American diet of fast food and how the french fry came to occupy this position. he paper also covers the effect of globalization and the changes in consumers' nutritional demands. The articles cited in the bibliography are appended to the paper.

Factory Farming
Changes in Consumer Nutritional Demands
Financing Issue

From the Paper:

"Considering all the news about the problems with the American diet, it isn't surprising that Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation became a best seller. The chapters about how cattle become hamburgers are truly frightening reading, with graphic detail about little calves figuring out what happens at the end of the chute and trying to run, and the human toll, where cumulative trauma injury is "almost 35 times higher than the rate in any other American industry". (Schlosser, p. 173.) That sort of information is enough to put one off beef entirely, even without the new possibility of Mad Cow Disease. But Schlosser takes on the entire fast food industry, and arguably the most prevalent single item"or at least the best known"is the french fry. "Do you want fries with that?" has become something of a national anthem of dining. The impact of the french fry on the American diet, culture and economy is both a success story of major proportions and a quietly cooking national scandal."

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