Environmental Problems in El Salvador Analytical Essay

Environmental Problems in El Salvador
Looks at the environmental problems in El Salvador, which are particularly significant there because they lead to other problems.
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This paper first relates, that, in addition to suffering from having few natural resources, being hampered by a history of colonialism and being located in an earthquake and volcanic zone, El Salvador also has failed to correct its continuing environmental problems. The paper then proceeds to review the country's environmental problems of devastating deforestation, soil erosion and infertility, water pollution, contamination from toxic wastes and the loss of bio-diversity. The paper suggests ways that El Salvador can correct its environmental problems so that it can prosper.

From the Paper:

"In addition, soil erosion and infertility are quite prevalent in El Salvador. These problems stem mostly from poor agricultural practices. Farmers typically use a "slash and burn" farming method, which consists of cutting and burning down forests in order to use the areas for agriculture. This method destroys all vegetation and leaves the surrounding soil vulnerable to extreme erosion. Unfortunately, since it is becoming more and more difficult to find land that is suitable for cultivation, farmers have no choice but to do this. Farming is their livelihood and quite frankly they will do anything to survive."

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