Elements of Poetry in Three Works Analytical Essay by Master Researcher

Elements of Poetry in Three Works
This paper discusses elements of poetry in three different poems: Alberto Rios' "Seniors", Edgar Allan Poe's "The Haunted Palace" and Tato LaViera's "American".
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This paper examines a few outstanding poetic elements which three prominent American poets have used to convey the messages they wish to impart to readers. Along the way the paper notes how each poem, while undeniably great nonetheless, uses different tools to become so. The paper is also quick to note how the best poetry, using the work of Tato LaViera as one example, is able to use common place literary devices like repetition in ways that make predictability agreeable.

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"Great poetry uses certain techniques in much the same way great fiction uses literary techniques to craft a story or draw a character. This paper will briefly examine three poems - Alberto Rios' "Seniors", Edgar Allan Poe's "The Haunted Palace", and Tato LaViera's "American" - and discuss the dominant poetic elements which animate each. In the end, what should become clear is that there are many different ways of producing memorable poetry in the modern age, and each of these authors does an expert job of finding what is needed to convey the message they wish convey. In Alberto Rios' "Seniors", the reader is confronted with the clever use of both middle and informal diction."

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