Effects of Race on Socioeconomic Standing Analytical Essay

Effects of Race on Socioeconomic Standing
An analysis of the role that race plays on socioeconomic standing in United States society.
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This paper explores and analyzes the effect that race tends to have on socioeconomic standing in the United States. The paper asserts that different ethnicities have different educational goals for their children; educational goals, in turn heavily dictate the future success of these children. The paper also states that although America has been famed to be the land of equal opportunities, it is wrongly named so; social institutions created by the United States government generate opportunity structures strongly based on gender and race, tending to favor whites and the model minorities and discriminate against the less prominent minorities. The paper concludes that although the setting one is born in may not dictate their final location on "Hotel America," it definitely affects their upbringing and their views on education.

From the Paper:

"Race has always been an issue in the United States, even before it has become the economic powerhouse that it is today. From slaves to the discrimination that certain racial minorities face today, government policies and the general opinion of the populace have heavily influenced the overall socioeconomic standing of racial groups. Although it may be simple to relate economic success with natural intelligence, there is no evidence that any race is superior to another: in fact, as proven by Peter Berger, Fisher, and Hout, one's upbringing and societal influences affect future success more than any other factor. Race is merely created by society--the genetics between each race is not understood well enough to conclude the stereotypical traits we differentiate each race with. Despite the fact that race is primarily determined by superficial differences such as skin color, it is given heavy influence in our society."

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