Early Judaism and Christianity Analytical Essay

Early Judaism and Christianity
Looks at the birth of Judaism and Christianity, at the same time, after the destruction of the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem.
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This paper first explains that both Judaism and Christianity had their roots in the religion of the Ancient Israelites; however, only after the destruction of that civilization and its Holy Temple in 70 CE did these religions develop and flourish. Next, the author traces the beginning of of Judaism, as known today, from the exile of the Israelites to Babylon in the 6th century BCE where without the Holy Temple religious rituals were performed in tabernacle-type structures and the Oral Law was created. The paper explains that Christianity, originally a sect of the Israelite religion, further developed into its present form after the death of Jesus.

From the Paper:

"The different sects came into being throughout the Second Commonwealth bringing to the Israelite table new ideas and customs. Towards the end of the Temple days, the Sadducees were in control of the Temple and its rituals with smaller sects looking for influence as well. The biggest of these sects was the Pharisees. The two disagreed on a few large theological points, the largest being that the Sadducees rejected the Oral Law (meaning that they were Bible literalists), and the Pharisees embraced it."

Sample of Sources Used:

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