Durkheim: Modern Society and Punishment Analytical Essay by cee-cee

Durkheim: Modern Society and Punishment
Discusses Emile Durkheim's ideas on crime and punishment.
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This paper discusses Emile Durkheim's exploration of the workings of crime and punishment. The writer explains Durkheim's concept of anomie, a weakening of the moral ties that bind people together which occurs when traditional norms of behavior are undermined without being replaced by new norms. Durkheim was among the first few to highlight the differences between traditional and modern societies that had led to a shift in punishment from corporal punishment to institutionalized revenge. The writer explains that the materialism of modern society has led to individualism, which Durkheim blames for the breakdown of social cohesiveness and collective conscience that is the primary cause of social decay as well as lenient punishment. This paper contains MLA-style endnotes but does not include a works cited page.

Sample of Sources Used:

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