Drug Abuse and Cocaine Analytical Essay by Nicky

This paper looks at the issue of drug abuse and focuses on the dangers of cocaine.
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In this article, the writer discusses that in the U.S., the cocaine trade is responsible for tremendous allocation of public funds to law enforcement necessary to combat the drug trade at the expense of other crucial efforts, such as the War on Terror. Further, the writer discusses that cocaine is highly addictive and associated with numerous medical and other physiological consequences of its use. The writer looks at the different forms of cocaine and the effects of the use of this drug. The writer concludes that ultimately, cocaine is an extremely dangerous drug whose recreational use is associated with serious addiction capable of ruining lives; any short-term excitement or euphoria it produces are far outweighed by its long-term consequences, both to user and to society.

Reason's for Selecting Topic
The Effects of Cocaine Use

From the Paper:

"The most destructive form of cocaine is "free-base" which undergoes chemical processing through being dissolved in ammonia or heated with ordinary baking soda to separate the cocaine base transforming cocaine hydrochloride, which is a salt, into a form
that can be inhaled through smoking. Generally, free base cocaine was only available to relatively wealthy users simply because at least several hundred dollars worth is required for the base separating process.
"However, beginning in the early 1980s, entrepreneurial drug dealers realized that free-base cocaine could also be effectively marketed even in poverty-stricken inner city neighborhoods. By performing that chemical process on large quantities first and then selling the end-product in the form of hardened "rock" or "crack" cocaine, they succeeded in selling it in single-dose-sized quantities for $10. As a result, drug addiction rates and drug-related crimes of violence in the form of wars between drug gangs over valuable "turf" skyrocketed in many urban areas like New York City. In that regard, the crack cocaine trade was the primary factor responsible for record murder rates recorded in New York City throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s; this was apart from the personal devastation that use of the drug caused in the lives of users."

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