Disaster Recovery at Kudler Fine Foods Analytical Essay by Peter Pen

This paper presents a business resumption plan for Kudler Fine Foods.
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In this article, the writer discusses a disaster recovery/business resumption plan for Kudler Fine Foods. The writer states the various options available and looks at which ones are best suited for this company with relation to the industry, market, and economy. Internal, external and environmental risk is assessed and prevention measures and procedures are identified. Top to bottom communication structure is established and discussed in detail with procedures, priorities and team member responsibilities given. This paper provides Kudler Fine Foods with the most up-to-date plan that meets all of their planning and recovery needs.

Purpose of Plan
Goals and Objectives
Scope of Plan
Risk Assessment
Security Assessment
Disaster Declaration Procedures
Outsourcing Assessment
Environmental Challenges
Market Directions
Corporate Information Technology Role

From the Paper:

"However, of these two internal risks, the likelihood and impact of a downturn in Ms Kudler's health would have the greatest negative effect on the company due to the fact that Ms Kudler is critical to so many internal processes at Kudler Fine Foods; that is, Ms Kudler is a single point of failure for the entire company.
"The fact that Kudler deals with perishable foods creates risk that also cannot be underestimated. That is, perishable foods generally need to be either refrigerated or kept dry to avoid spoilage. Therefore, risks to Kudler's operations are loss of electricity for refrigeration and wetting of goods that should otherwise be kept dry. Any number of natural or man-made events could cause a loss of electricity or wetting of goods that would directly impact Kudler's profitability. A mitigation of this risk is that natural or man-made events of this sort are more likely to be localized than statewide. Therefore, the affect on Kudler would be on a location-by-location basis."

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