Did Wal-Mart Bribe its Mexican Subsidiary? Analytical Essay by Carly Evans

An analysis of the allegations of bribery leveled against Wal-Mart in one of its biggest foreign markets, Mexico.
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Published by on Jun 14, 2012 in Business (Companies) , Business (International)

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This paper discusses the recent bribery allegations made against the Wal-Mart Corporation concerning their swift expansion in the Mexican market. Specifically, the paper examines the Wal-Mart de Mexico allegations, the implications the allegations have had on the corporation, and the current status of the allegation investigation.

Table of Contents:
The Wal-Mart de Mexico Allegations
Implications of the Wal-Mart de Mexico Allegations
Current Status of Bribery Allegations and Investigation

From the Paper:

"In today's volatile business market, corporations will go to great lengths to grow and expand their business successfully. In an effort to expand, grow and reach new markets, many companies are seeking to establish businesses overseas. Wal-Mart, a successful American discount superstore is no exception. In recent years, the company has sought expansion efforts in different countries in an effort to achieve the same success they have had in the American market.

"Unfortunately, it seems Wal-Mart may have gotten caught up in the idea of expansion and gotten a bit carried away in the foreign market. In early April 2012, The New York Times dropped a huge bomb on the American public, unleashing a news story in its publication uncovering allegations of bribery in one of Wal-Mart's biggest foreign markets, Mexico. These disturbing allegations about the superstore giant have caused speculation about the integrity of the company in general and the future success of the corporation in Mexico."

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