Derrida's Unwarranted Use of Nietzsche's Question Analytical Essay by Righter

Derrida's Unwarranted Use of Nietzsche's Question
This is an essay that looks at Jacques Derrida's book, "Spurs: Nietzsche's Styles," and argues that Derrida illegitimately uses Nietzsche for his own thematic, philosophical purposes.
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Published on Feb 09, 2014 in Philosophy (General)

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In this essay, the writer examines and analyzes Jacques Derrida's book, Spurs: Nietzsche's Styles," and explains how Derrida uses Nietzche opening question his book, "Beyond Good and Evil" as the thematic starting point for the subject of his book. In particular, the paper describes how Derrida appropriates and uses Nietzsche's "woman as truth" idea for his own purposes, shows that Derrida's use of this idea is an illegitimate appropriation of Nietzsche's thought and explains that Nietzsche's real purpose in asking his question is to criticize dogmatic philosophy.

From the Paper:

"Nietzsche's writing tends to characterize woman as an ideal, whether that ideal is positive or negative, desirable or inimical. In The Gay Science, for example, Nietzsche reflects upon the ideal woman as being desirable through his description of a beautiful, magnanimous female alto voice that one might hear in a theater. He says that the sound of the woman's voice makes us believe all at once that "there could be women with lofty, heroic, royal souls, capable of and ready for grandiose retorts, resolutions, and sacrifices, capable of and ready for mastery over men, because in them the best of man aside from his sex has become an incarnate ideal." Derrida believes that Nietzsche's ideal woman "transcends the difference between the sexes." And not only does the ideal woman transcend all aspects of humanity, but for both Nietzsche and Derrida the ideal woman transcends any possibility of attainability as well."

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