Deconstructing Dr. Laura Schlessinger Analytical Essay by Master Researcher

Deconstructing Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Analysis of the media attention Dr. Lauara Schlessinger receives and the controversy it generates, and discussion of her views on homosexuality.
# 32603 | 1,650 words | 2 sources | 2002 | US

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The following is an essay and analysis of the media attention which surrounds Dr. Laura Schlessinger . Examined first, is the news coverage which she has been receiving, and in turn, why it is controversial. Second, the focus of this discussion is turned toward the goal and aim of 'deconstructing' Dr. Laura Schlessinger . To this end, a number of secondary sources are raised and analyzed toward the end of understanding where this 'perspective' comes from, and in turn, some of the more glaring limitations of her position on homosexuality. This paper argues that this is a form of prejudice which is not substantiated by 'science', and conversely, this paper demonstrates that, in contrast to Canada's inching progress in terms of politically acknowledging same sex relations, Dr. Laura Schlessinger represents a regressive rather than a forward thinking or progressive means of thinking - that is, within a 'liberal' or 'egalitarian' framework.

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