DDT and Malaria Analytical Essay by Nicky

DDT and Malaria
Looks at the control and use of DDT especially in the case of malaria.
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This paper explains that the manufacturing and use of DDT is strictly prohibited by international agreement, however, DDT can be used for indoor application to prevent vector-borne diseases such as malaria. Next, the author reports the four phases of disposition employed to asses the toxicity of DDT and surmises that DDT presents a low degree of acute toxicity. The paper concludes that, even though it can cause serious health problems from its toxicity, DDT will continue to be used for the control of malaria until an equally cost-effective substitute is developed.

From the Paper:

"The risks that use of DDT poses upon the health and well being of humans are re-evaluated by WHO on a regular basis. In order to re-evaluate the position that WHO has in regards to the use of DDT for malaria control, information regarding exposure rates and the effects that these exposures have on humans would need to be looked at. It would also be necessary to look at what is being done to limit the exposure rates during and after the application process. Another factor to look at would be that of any alternatives that may be available for use and their effectiveness. All of this data would be looked at in relation to how toxic DDT really is."

Sample of Sources Used:

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