Copyright Laws and Napster Analytical Essay

Copyright Laws and Napster
Examining the Napster law suit - the forced closure of a company which provided technology for internet users to share music files.
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This paper outlines the Napster lawsuit while providing a brief summary of copyright protection laws and legislation. It explores the concept of file sharing technology in general and how this related to Napster Inc. in particular. It takes a look at the Napster court case and all the details surrounding this legal issue. It concludes with an examination of the RIAA's (Recording Industry Association of America) response to copyright infringement.

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"In today's information based world, one confrontational issue is the idea of copyright protection and how it is applied to the Internet. With the invention of the Internet and the World Wide Web, sharing files and intellectual properties amongst thousands if not millions of people became much easier. However, one problem that has been associated with this mass distribution of copyright material is the question of who holds the sole ownership of these intellectual properties. Recently, file sharing utilities such as Imesh, Scour, and most notably Napster have come under fire for infringing on copyright laws and regulations. One important ethical and legal question that has been raised is, who holds the rights to these properties. On the plaintiffs side they argue that the original creator of these intellectual properties holds the copyright and is the only one that can determine how and where these properties will be used. On the defendants side they argue that they are nothing more than a file sharing utility. Napster states that they provide a service to people to share files. Napster's argument is that they cannot be held responsible if their users engage in illegal copyright infringement and that Napster should not be held liable. However the Recording industry of America feels that Napster is nothing more than a tool, which makes the lucrative industry of copyright infringement easier."

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