Consumer Behavior and Advertising Analytical Essay by Nicky

This paper looks at three different advertisements and examines elements of a successful advertising campaign.
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In this article, the writer explores the development of an advertising campaign for a product and studies three different advertisements for energy drinks. The writer looks at the different stages that consumers go through when deciding whether or not they will buy a particular product. The writer then studies three different advertisements and looks for these factors in them. The writer discusses elements of a successful marketing campaign.

From the Paper:

"The third advertisement that I viewed was for Shark. This aired during Matchday Live at 7:00 pm. The target audience was those people would want to release their inner beast. The expected level of involvement for this advertisement would be high. The need that it created was to drink Shark in order to release one's inner beast. Drinking Shark and releasing your inner beast would allow you to party with your friends in a wild and free manner.
"Advertisements are a great way to try and reach those consumers whom you are trying to get to buy your product. And keeping in mind the stages those consumers go through when making buying decisions can be very helpful in having a successful marketing campaign. There are several things that a company can look at when trying to determine if an advertisement was a success or not. They can look at satisfaction levels of the consumers or their share of the market for a particular product. Some experts feel that these are not the things to be focusing on but instead they should be looking at consumer loyalty and advocacy."

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