Conflicting Views on Abortion Analytical Essay

Evaluates the conflicting conservative, liberal, feminist, religious and scientific views on abortion.
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Published on Apr 22, 2012 in Hot Topics (Abortion) , Ethics (General) , Women Studies (Women and Society)

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This paper underscores that the issue of moral permissibility is the core of the controversial abortion debate. Next, the author explains and contrasts the conservative, liberal, feminist, religious and scientific arguments, all of which the author contends are flawed views that cannot entirely justify abortion. However, the paper does concludes that, from the evidence of scientific research, the ethicists and other concerned parties can make informed decisions regarding abortion without infringement on the rights of the mother or of the unborn child.

Table of Contents
The Conservative Perspective on Abortion
The Liberal Perspective on Abortion
Feminist Perspective on Abortion
Religious Perspective on Abortion
Scientific Perspective

From the Paper:

"However, the point at which fertilization (sperm-egg fusion) ends and zygote becomes human otherwise known, as syngamy, is debatable. After the binding of the sperm and the egg during fertilization, the membranes of the two cells fuse forming a hybrid cell, the zygote that contains two different genetic materials. In the zygote the DNA contributed by the sperm and the egg undergo modification to enable it to participate in further embryonic development. This is unique to the zygote making it different from the sperm or the egg. The events point to the evidence that the fusion process creates a new cell, a human cell. The question that remains unanswered is whether this human cell is an individual human organism and therefore deserves recognition. An organism possesses many complex organs that are interdependent to allow an organism to carry out the activities of life. A human cell, in contrast, contains the genetic material but has no complex organization. Syngamy refers to the process that marks the onset of a new cell, the zygote, which to some extent is different from the sperm and egg. However, it does not provide sufficient scientific evidence to show that the new cell so formed is a new human being and as such accorded special rights and protection. This leaves the question, as to when human life begins and when is it appropriate to procure an abortion, a matter for the ethicists."

Sample of Sources Used:

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