Comprehensive Personal Protection Planning Analytical Essay by Nicky

Looks at how to develop a personal protection plan in the areas of personal security, transportation, emergency preparedness, communication and evacuation.
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This paper explains that, since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and natural disasters such Hurricane Katrina, planning for personal protection and transportation security is not just the concern of high-profile individuals and public figures but also of ordinary individuals. The core of personal security is situational awareness; thereby, the author applies this principle to the areas of transportation. For emergency preparedness, the paper underscores the importance of advance plans for rendezvousing with family and others especially if normal communications are disrupted, for packing an emergency "go bags" and for creating a supplied shelter within the home.

Table of Contents:
Personal Security
Emergency Preparedness, Communications, and Evacuation Planning

From the Paper:

"There are also tactical aspects of reducing susceptibility to crimes targeting the individual during ordinary automobile travel. Security experts advise drivers to always know their current location, which is not as obvious as often assumed; as a matter of fact, this is a skill purposely practiced by new police officers because minimization of the time involved in transmitting an accurate location where support is required can often make the difference between life and limb or between successful and unsuccessful attempts to apprehend criminals fleeing crime scenes. If asked, most drivers could not identify the approximate mile mark of their whereabouts on a highway or roadway without spending a few minutes to locate landmarks and mile marker signs. This is an important advantage in most conceivable emergencies, especially those requiring immediate assistance from emergency service personnel.
"Likewise, situational awareness also means maintaining escape routes and avoiding circumstances where one's vehicle could be trapped in position, whether inadvertently by other drivers or purposely by potential criminals or terrorists. At stop lights and signs, drivers should never pull up so close to the vehicle in front of them that they have no room to work with if a sudden emergency occurs requiring them to escape quickly."

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