Communications in a Successful Marriage Analytical Essay by Nicky

Looks at the importance of communication in all types of successful marriage.
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Published on Nov 29, 2010 in Communication (Interpersonal) , Women Studies (Marriage)

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This paper investigates the hypothesis that one of the most important factors in the happiness of married couples is the character and quality of inter-spousal communication. Next, the author reviews literature regarding issues of divorce and marital unhappiness and of communications within marriage. The paper concludes that contemptuous communication toward either spouse by the other is the single most frequent cause of an unhappy marriage.

Table of Contents:
Characterization of the Issue
Outline of the Research Area
Outline of the Research Hypotheses
Outline of the Expected Research Findings
History, Background Information, and Definitions
Brief History of the Issues
Background of Prior Research
Definitions of Key Concepts and Distinctions
Detailed Discussion of Various Issues in Divorce and Marital Unhappiness
Distinction between Various Marital Problems and their Respective Importance
Identifying the Crucial Importance of Interpersonal Communication in Marriage
Possible Alternate Explanations
Specific Communication Distinctions and their Relation to the Health of Marital and Other Intimate Committed Relationships
Summary of Research Findings
Confirmation of Hypothetical Expectations

From the Paper:

"Therefore, communication patterns and styles are not viewed as isolated behavioral components of current-day marriage and family relationships. The prevailing view in the field of the psychology of human relationships is that many aspects of marital communication are merely manifestations of our choices of partner. As such, they are
dictated by principles of psychological repetition. Just as chronic victims of abuse characteristically find themselves drawn to abusive partners and often select partners who display every indication of being abusers, individuals also tend to be drawn to potential
marital partners who mirror some elements of family-of-origin interpersonal dynamics."

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