Colonial Victory in the American War of Independence Analytical Essay by NMcRae

A look at the British factors that helped contribute to the colonial victory in the American War of Independence.
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This paper looks at why the relatively poorly trained and manned colonial forces were able to defeat the British forces in the American War of Independence. The paper shows how the British lacked effective war-winning strategies, their generals made multiple fatal mistakes, and their interaction with the local populace, particularly in the southern colonies, was disastrous for the British war effort.

From the Paper:

"The American War of Independence provides an excellent example of a grossly inferior colonial force waging a successful war against an imperial super power. The question of 'how the North American colonies were able to defeat the British Empire?' is one that has been answered in several different ways. Some, such as Captain Joachim Merlant, have argued that the main reason for the colonial victory was the French entrance into the conflict. Others, such as Walter Edgar have focused more on the campaign in the South and the decisive factors there, that led to the overall defeat of the British. This paper will center itself on factors more involving the British efforts during the war."

Sample of Sources Used:

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