Cleopatra and Mark Antony Analytical Essay by Nicky

Looks at the life of Cleopatra, especially her relationship with Mark Antony, as an example of a clever women ruler.
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This paper explains the ways that Cleopatra VII, daughter of a Macedonian king used her intelligence and physical attributes to insure her throne as an Egyptian pharaoh and to leave a lineage of rulers. Next, the author explains that, after her affair with Julius Caesar and his assassination, Cleopatra directed her romantic attentions to Mark Anthony to ensure attaining her goals. The paper concludes that, although Cleopatra has been criticized for her shrewd scruples, she was able to turn an Egypt ravaged by famine, when she began her reign, into a rich and powerful country capable of financing some of Mark Antony military campaigns.

From the Paper:

"Cleopatra's reasons for her actions, while being together with Mark Antony, might be partially due to cold political reasoning and partially to her feelings for him. Her intelligence and wise maneuvers did not, however, help her escape a cruel destiny. She became the last Egyptian pharaoh and her dream of ruling over a reestablished Egyptian empire was definitively destroyed after eleven years of sharing it with Mark Antony. According to Plutarch, her relationship with Mark Antony was very passionate and driven by love just as it was motivated by political reasons."

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