Classical Marxist Theory and Literature Analytical Essay by Neatwriter

Classical Marxist Theory and Literature
This paper discusses the classical Marxist approach to literature, which views literature as essentially a social and cultural production.
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This paper explains that in its classical sense, Marxist theory does not deal explicitly with literature and art and does not develop an aesthetic of culture or literature. However, the theoretical trajectory of Marxist thought has impacted radically on art and literature as aspects of societal and cultural discourse. The author points out that the concept of dialectic refers specifically to the methodology or method of analysis, which is peculiar to Marxist theory;. In this sense, literature and art, as cultural products, are analyzed in relation to their social and historical context. The paper analyzes specifically " Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad, "A Passage to India" by E. M. Forster's and the writings of Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare.

Table of Contents
Foundation of Marxist Theory and Literary Criticism
Marxism - Extrinsic and Intrinsic Approaches to Literature
The Premises of Marxist Criticism
Base and Superstructure
The Dialectic
Ideology and Alienation
Semiology and Psychoanalytic Theory.
Reader - Response Theories
A Marxist Critique of Literature
Analysis of the Echo in "A Passage to India": A dialectical reading
" Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad

From the Paper:

"From this perspective, literary works are essential structures of ideological formations. In other words, literature expresses and represents the ideals and aims of class formation that persist and maintain the society. "Literature is for Marxism a particular kind of signifying practice which tends to make up what can be termed an ideological formation". Therefore, Marxist critical perspectives will attempt to explain literature from within its social context and in relation to that particular historical time period. This in turn relates to basic strategies, such as the identification of class structures and class struggle within the literature of a certain historical period."

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