Cinderella and Children's Self-Esteem Analytical Essay

Cinderella and Children's Self-Esteem
A look into the adverse effects of the various versions of the Cinderella fairy tale on a child's self-esteem and how morals portrayed in the fairy tale can ruin a child's perception of him/herself.
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This paper is concerning different kinds of Cinderella stories from different cultures. It makes interesting comparisons on major plot differences based on cultural differences. The main emphasis of the paper is on the negative messages that the tales portray to children (being ideals of superficiality and materialism) and the way that these influence children's self-esteem.

From the Paper:

"The truth is, the world has been shallow for ages. We learned such values when we were only children, and our parents learned the same values when they were children, and so on for centuries past, all from a simple bedtime story. The infamous story is Cinderella; the story of a beautiful girl who is mistreated by her ugly stepsisters, only to thwart them by eventually meeting, and immediately falling in love with, a rich, handsome prince. Almost any person you talk to will tell you that he or she was read this tale as a child, or is at least familiar with it. The characters in Cinderella stories embody values that are both superficial and materialistic, and the stories teach children to model their own lives after the characters in the stories in order to achieve the happy ending they want in their own lives. The different characters in the Cinderella stories show not only that true love is based on looks, but also that being unattractive reflects bad character. These lessons are taught in most Cinderella stories, three of which are the Disney Cinderella, the McLoughlin Brothers' "Cinderella", and the "Tale of the Anklet". These stories send bad messages to children because they have a negative effect on the children's self-esteem.?

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