Chinese and Korean Immigration to Canada Analytical Essay by Master Researcher

Chinese and Korean Immigration to Canada
A look at the absorbtion of recent Chinese and Korean immigrants in Canada.
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This paper highlights the patterns of Chinese and Korean immigration to Canada in recent years, and looks at a number of factors that have affected their integration into the social fabric of the country. The paper finds that Korean and Chinese immigrants are now generally accepted into mainstream Canadian life, but must still undergo a difficult transition. The paper concludes that it is clear that Korean and Chinese immigrants have certainly added their marks to the multicultural mat of Canada.

Why Canada?

From the Paper:

"Canada has a long history of immigration. Indeed, the country owes its existence to immigrants. Roughly 20,000 years ago, Asians were the first to migrate across the frozen Bering Strait, or perhaps via the Aleutian Islands, to North America. Over the centuries, these peoples diffused throughout the Western Hemisphere and developed various native cultures, most of which now struggle to keep their traditions alive. These first travellers marked the beginnings of "the human family in the new world. Their courage, enterprise and creativity became the blueprint for the immigrant experience. In Canada, these First Nations were the earliest immigrants; and everybody since then, either by birth or by descent, has been an immigrant--because we have all come from somewhere else."
"In more recent years, Canada has become the destination of increasing numbers of Asian migrants. Indeed, it has become one of the most coveted ports of call. Clearly, advances in transportation have made the long voyage more palatable; but that is not the only reason behind the country's popularity. For several years, Canada has been rated as the number one country in the world to live in. In very broad terms, people simply want to immigrate to Canada to improve their standards of living."

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