China's Political and Economic System Analytical Essay by Nicky

China's Political and Economic System
An overview of China's and America's political systems that includes the impact of China on America's economic situation.
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The paper outlines China's and America's political system and looks at the state of capitalism in China. The paper examines the form of democracy in China and highlights America's flawed belief that opening China to trade would eventually turn it into a democracy. The paper discusses the US 2005 commission report and how the Chinese perceived it as interference in their internal affairs. Finally, the paper argues against those who contend that China caused the financial mess and resulting recession in the US, and asserts that the economic crisis was caused by Americans themselves.

The Political System of China
American Political System
Capitalism in China
Real Democracy?
A Wrong Paradigm for China
Interfering with Chinese Affairs, Distorting Facts
Not to Blame for Recession in the US

From the Paper:

"The fundamental law in China is the Constitutional System (China Guide 2009). Its present Constitution was adopted by the Fifth National People's Congress on December 4, 1982. The National People's Congress or NPC is the highest state authority, China's fundamental political system. On the other hand, local authorities head local people's congresses. The people elect both state and local authorities. China's central administrative system consists of central administrative organs under the National People's Congress and central administrative organs controlling local administrative organs. The State Council of the People's Republic of China is the central administrative organ and the highest administrative organ of state. Meanwhile, the local administrative system sets up and controls administrative regional divisions and local administrative organs."

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